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What is a business coaching program?

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

...and what do you want to get from it?

Picture of a straight, two-lane road with a dashed white center line and yellow markers on both sides signifying a defined path in a coaching program
Photo by Jay Mantri on Pixabay

Most coaching programs offer a path for you to travel.

They're often pre-defined and include a set of steps or content a coach has put together for you.

These “course-based” coaching programs are usually structured around a specific skill or behavior. In most cases, they have a set number of sessions (e.g., 8, 12, or 16) or a timeframe (e.g. 3-6 months). When you’ve completed the sessions, you’ve completed the program. You’ll often see these business coaching programs marketed with phrases like “6 weeks to grow your leadership intelligence”.

These business coaching programs are often more like a training course that includes time for you to talk with a coach about how the curriculum applies in your work. In most cases, you’ll learn a new concept, take down notes, and pack the knowledge ways for some future event.


Being in a business coaching program is not the same as having a personal business, leadership, or executive coach.

Business owners and c-suite executives are high performance leaders.

These leaders need an equivalently high performance coach.

  • A leadership coach who compels them to deeper personal exploration in the specific areas that hold them back from their highest potential.

  • An executive coach who knows the kind of safety they need to be vulnerable about what's not working or turns out to be an even bigger challenge than they planned.

  • A business coach who understands ownership, leadership, team dynamics, and the ways technology impacts the path forward for innovators who want to scale.

Coaching can serve as a powerful key for unlocking significant relationship and performance gains. With the right coach, it can be one of the most secure places for doing deep leadership development work.

Are you looking for safety that comes from following the path the others are on?

Or are you looking for coaching that is specific to your needs and will help you grow significantly through the challenges of ownership and executive leadership?

You will see more success - at deeper levels - by investing time on your specific situation rather than someone else’s course-based program.

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