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About Wise Insights

Wise Insights is a management consulting firm dedicated to helping business leaders clarify their vision, align their teams, and communicate effectively in order to accelerate achievement of their goals.

I believe business leaders who have a clear vision and align their team will be more successful in achieving their goals than those who don't.


I've found that leaders often feel they're being clear but are struggling to meet their goals because their teams aren't delivering results fast enough.


I work with leaders to uncover and resolve issues that stand in the way of team alignment leading to stable, sustainable growth.


I do this with a blend of coaching techniques, consulting services, and a focus on improving communication skills.

A word about "we" and "us"

I use these terms in various places on this website.

If you're wondering about that, it is because I (Dave Bates) am the principal freelance executive coach, business consultant, and fractional Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Wise Insights. My wife is also an owner in the business and provides services through it from time to time.


As business needs dictate, I also bring other people into the work.

For example, if we agree that your work requires a specialist, I can bring on a trusted partner from within my network to provide specific services through Wise Insights. We collaborate together on what they need to do but you don't have to worry about managing another set of people.

Let's Talk!

Please send the information below because I need to know how to reach you.

Thanks for contacting us, we'll respond soon!

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