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Find peer support as you chart new business paths

Your business is unique

It can also be helpful to get insight from other people who are also finding their unique path.

"...because I'd be more comfortable knowing if I'm missing something."

"...because I don't really want to talk about these things with my team."

"...because, honestly, it's a little bit lonely at the top sometimes."

What if....


You were part of a small group of peers. Each one, on a similar journey. Helping you work through issues and opportunities. Walking, together, in a community of mutual trust and support.

A peer group of people like you who:


  • understand the pressure of leading a business because they're feeling it too.

  • commit to helping you grow your business because the help goes both ways.

  • want to learn more because new ideas lead to new possibilities.

Would you join it?

The LevelUp! Roundtable™ is a peer group where
business owners find the others.

Want additional details? Keep reading to find out more!

Who will be here?​

Membership is limited and curated.

There are only 10 seats.

Business owners in different kinds of companies will bring

their unique perspective and problem solving approaches.

The Roundtable is large enough for a healthy discussion but small enough that you'll be noticed if you're gone (or hiding). Your peers will miss the valuable insight that only you can bring.

It works because everyone shows up and contributes their unique perspective.

What's included?

A 6-month, facilitated, professional development experience to:


  • better understand your leadership and customer interaction style,

  • create an effective strategy for even more robust growth,

  • build long-term connections, and

  • explore new possibilities!

Still need more details? Keep reading!

How does it work?


90 minute, professionally facilitated, video calls with the whole cohort interacting on selected member presented issues each month


1-on-1 coachsulting calls and support as you dig into where you want to go and then take ideas into action!


Access to the LevelUp! Roundtable forum with regular business building prompts and cohort interaction

Everyone is expected to attend the video calls where at least 2 members, individually, present an issue or opportunity they're currently working out*.


The rest of the group will ask clarifying questions and then provide feedback, ideas, and recommendations.

*Everyone in your cohort agrees to a "Four Virtual Walls" confidentiality commitment.

Who runs the LevelUp! Roundtable?


I'm an experienced business coach and consultant.


You can find out more about me here.


I personally and professionally facilitate the entire LevelUp! Roundtable experience.


If you've been looking for a place like this, I'm inviting you to apply for our LevelUp! Roundtable

LevelUp! through this mastermind alternative.

  • Develop your business instead of working through mastermind group logistics like finding people and setting up tools.

  • Focus on insightful reflection instead of trying to help facilitate the peer group.

  • Receive individually tailored services including business coaching (at a fraction of the cost of a personal executive coach).

Unlike other peer groups, there's no application fee!

But we do need information about you and your business:
Fill out this Google form to apply!

If you're accepted, you'll receive an introductory package
with specific planning steps and activities.

​Get started now

How does the LevelUp! Roundtable compare as an alternative peer group option (e.g. Vistage, C12, etc.) for CEOs and company owners?



Enrollment/Application Fee(s)


Up to $2,000+

Agreement Duration

6 Months

Varies, usually 12 months

Individual Monthly Coaching Session


Varies by your revenue

Ad-hoc coach access



Monthly Meeting Schedule Impact

90 Minutes

Half or Full Day

Community Connection Forum



Virtual & Remote Particpation



Additional costs for hosting meetings on a rotating basis

Not Applicable


Minimum company size

Not Applicable

Varies, usually $1M+

Do you want more information about the LevelUp! Roundtable before applying?

Let's Talk!

If you'd rather have me contact you, please send the information below so I'll know how to reach you.

Thanks for contacting us, we'll respond soon!

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